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Can you believe that it’s already been 9 months since I started this website!? It’s amazing how time flies when you’re reading Isekai. And with over 300 Isekai Manga/Anime listed and categorized on this site, there’s plenty to read.

Recently, however, I’ve been wondering whether this is enough. There is more Isekai out there than just what I have listed here. Many Light Novels and Web Novels are translated but don’t have a Manga adaptation yet. Of course, there are plenty of raw machine translations out there, but there are more than a few that have had genuine effort put into them. Additionally, there are many Western stories that carry on the ideals of Isekai.

So, should I start adding some of the better LN/WN and ‘Western Isekai’, or should I just stick to Japanese/Korean Isekai Manga/Anime?

What types of Isekai should this site focus on?

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Medical God’s Hand

Genius Doctor Si Kong Jiu Ye was transmigrated into a mysterious place. She was harassed by the narcissistic prince, and offended the icy cold prince, and the medicine crazy guy fall in love with her.
What would be the outcome of the story?

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La Dolce Vita di Adelaide

Was I reborn? In my previous life I was a designer who had just graduated but one day I had an accident. Adelaide, that’s my new name. My new life feels very boring, but then I heard news that there is a girl who can move between dimensions so I decided to go to the capital to meet her. Is there something waiting for me in the capital?

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I Was Trash

He was looked down on, forced to break off his engagement, he was murdered, maybe this is the life that trash should have… But he was taken over by me, the strongest cultivator, Cang Kun Zi, as I reborned. Now that I’m here, I’ll make the best of it! Watch as I use this trash body of mine to trample upon you mere ants!

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Yuusha to Maou no Konpaku Rekitei (Extasis)

Eng: Hero And Demon Lord’s Soul Passage (Extasis)

A blessed Hero. A vicious Demon Lord. A common objective.
An epic battle between good and evil whose outcome will shape the new era the world will enter has reached its endgame…
However, things aren’t what they appear to be and plans take an unexpected bend.

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Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha

Eng: Demon King Mismatched School ~The Founder of the Strongest Demon King in History, He arrives at School as Descendants After Reincarnating~

As he destroys humans, spirits and even gods, he gets tired of the conflict that lasted forever. Dreaming of a world peace, the Demon King of Tyranny Arnos decided to reincarnate himself. However after 2000 years, the scenes that waited for him were numerous carried-magic that degenerated and the descendants that became weaker. The Demon King that was reincarnated, Arnos and the ones who could be recognized as the Demon King gathered to enroll at the Demon King Academy. Nobody in the Academy can comprehend his powers that’s why he was marked as the “Incompatible Student”. Everyone in the lower ranks despise him and the only one he gets relation to was the girl Misha whom he picked up as a subordinate. The “Incompatible Student” (Demon King) is about to raise the hierarchy of Demonic Beings!!

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Isekai Tensei no Boukensha

Ootori Tenma, who lost his parents and was raised by his grandfather’s and grandmother’s friends who are living in the countryside, loses his life at the age of 25. A god of a different world called out to the ghost Tenma. This is a story about Tenma who, is liked by multiple Gods of reincarnation, receives multiple cheats and lives a second life in another world.

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Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute

Eng: The Eminence in Shadow

Just like how everyone adored heroes in their childhood, a certain young man adored those powers hidden in shadows. After hiding his strength and living the mediocre life of a mob character by day while undergoing frenzied training by night, he finally reincarnates into a different world and gains ultimate power. The young man who is only playing at being a power in the shadows, his misunderstanding subordinates, and a giant organization in the shadows that gets trampled….. This is the story of a young boy who had adored powers in shadows possibly eventually reigning over the world of shadows in another world.

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Drop!! ~Kaori no Reijou Monogatari~

Eng: Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~

When she wandered the border of life and death at the age of three, Cordelia realized that she had been reincarnated as a high handed noble girl in a game she had used to play. A dark future would await her if she fell in love with the Prince. Therefore, for the sake of a normal life, there was no road but to avoid the powerful prince and the heroine…… But just doing that would be boring. She finally was blessed with a beautiful appearance so she resolved to polish herself, firstly by beginning to study herbology…… This is that kind of story.

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